Jennifer Furst is a graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York City. Originally from Washington, DC, Jennifer is also a classically trained opera singer. She views the body as an instrument through which we experience our lives and emotions. As such, it is necessary to keep the body in tune. 

Jennifer’s work is based around the concept that massage is not a luxury, but an important tool for keeping the body healthy. She uses varied modalities (including Swedish, Shiatsu, Myofascial work, and range of motion techniques) to tailor a session that meets the needs of her clientele - whether that means stress reduction, injury rehabilitation, postural dysfunction, or preventative maintenance. She also believes that educating her clients is an important part of helping them achieve their goals for treatment. She spends time teaching self-massage techniques, stretching, and exercises to help support her clients between sessions. 

Jennifer has worked as a massage therapist for Equinox Fitness, OM Yoga, the JCC of Manhattan, Infinite Massage, and Google, Inc. She has done onsite and event work for Safe Horizons, New York Presbyterian Hospital, the Lesbian Cancer Initiative, and Mt. Sinai Hospital of Queens. Her practice includes clients with general wellness concerns, as well as those with specific needs such as athletes, dancers, performers, yoga practitioners, and all of those who want to optimize the use of their bodies for their daily lives. 


Takisha Saldana is a native New Yorker who understands chronic stress and what it can do to the body. As a graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York City, she has learned to bridge the gap between her interests in anatomy sciences and touch therapy. Takisha's work is inspired by the Dalai Lama’s philosophy that while stress and pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. She uses a combination of massage techniques to bring an overall awareness to the body and facilitate client knowledge and self-healing. Her expertise includes Swedish massage, Myofascial release and stretching, with advanced training in Sports Massage techniques, rotator cuff injuries and Pre-/Post-Natal massage.

Since obtaining her license in March of 2006, Takisha has worked as a Massage Therapist all around NYC in a wide range of environments. Most recently, she became a Senior Instructor and Department Chair at Mildred Elley College, Massage Therapy program. Her private practice has included clients seeking general stress reduction; those with minor and major injuries; athletes; moms-to-be; as well as Yoga, Pilates, and Gyrotonic practitioners. Takisha is also a member of the AMTA.